Seisho Ryu offers you TWO COURSES.
Learn the Self Defence and Master the Self Defence.

Be a learner of Self Defence

Self Defence@30hours

There are many people who wish to have some training in self defense or martial arts. But most of them are not able to fulfill their dream because of their busy schedule. Seisho Ryu is with you in this regard. We have a unique programme Self Defence@30hours. As the term suggests, It is a 30hour programme. The entire Self Defence Techniques has been divided into three stages of 10hour each; Preliminary, Higher and Advanced designed as per the difficulty level of each technique. The individual is free to select the course as his or her wish. The major attraction of the Self Defence@30hours is the inculcation of the very essential and effective techniques of Karate Do, Kalarippayattu, Kung Fu, Kubu Do, and Chundani Marmma. Since it is a short term course, one should ensure the regular practice of the techniques. If anybody needs or wishes to have regular and systematic practice, we welcome you to Seisho Ryu Karate Do where you are taught the art of SHITO RYU KARATE with uniqueness.

Fibby Augustus Mathew MA,MEd. SET.

MA(English) : SB College, Changanassery, Kerala. MG University.
MEd(English) : St.John the Baptist College, Nedumkunnam, MG University Kottayam

Gen.Secretary, Pathanamthitta Karate Association(2010-2020) Recognised by Pathanamthitta District Sports Council.

Former State Executive Member, Kerala Karate Association(Recognised by Kerala State Sports Council)

4 th Dan Black Belt in Karate
94% Complete (success)
1st Master Grade Certificate in Kalari, Yogasana and Chundani Marmangal.
94% Complete (success)
Black Belt in Chinese Kung Fu
87% Complete (success)
Karate Association of India Certified Judge
94% Complete (success)
Gold Medal Winner in the Kerala State Karate Championship(2005 and 2006)
94% Complete (success)


Seisho Ryu Karate Do

Seisho Ryu Karate Do is a school that chiefly based on Shito Ryu Karate Do. The uniqueness of Seisho Ryu Karate Do is its novelty in the syllabus. The syllabus designed with respect to the SWOT analysis of the individual. Hence it is flexible and able to cater the needs of the person. It is flexible and teach only on the basis of utilitarian principles. It gives more importance to the Kumite(fighting) aspects of Karate other than the sophisticated paraphernalia of the art. Since the syllabus can be designed in accordance with the capacity of each individual, that person become more confident and can enjoy the training. More over in addition to Shito Ryu Karate Do, Seisho Ryu Karate Do teaches you the essence of Kung Fu, Kubu Do, Kalarippayattu and Chundani Marmma.


Seisho Ryu Karate Do focuses specially on Yoga as we believe that it is a sanitiser to the life. It purifies and refresh the mind and soul through the regular practice. We enable adequate yoga asanas suitable for the individuals concerned along with the general rules and practices of Yoga Philosophy.. It vary as per the individual differences since Yoga consists of both simple as well as complex practices.

Let’s practice and enjoy the magical scent of Yoga and the art of Karate Do.

Sensei R Aravind (MCA)

• 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate.
• Ex Member-Pathanamthitta District Sports Council.
• Kerala State Karate Championship Kumite Winner(2015.16,17,18).
• Former Captain-Pathanamthitta District Karate Team.
• Coach-Pathanamthitta District Karate Team.

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According to the American Counselling Association “Counselling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals". Day by day our worldly life is felt to be filled with more and more stress and strain, storm and strife and so on. Life is seems to be challenging and pressing. As far as students are concerned counselling has got a vital as well as vibrant role in moulding the self. In fact our children demands a lot of emotional as well as intellectual guidance. But unfortunately most of the Indian children lacked it a lot. Here lies the importance of counselling. We assure you that your ward can be benefited a lot from Seisho Ryu’s team of expert counsellors.